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niedziela, 21 lutego 2010

Mars Volta: 'Every Problem Has A Solution No Matter How Big'

19lutego2010 ukazał się wywiad z Omarem Lopezem w 'Ultimate Guitar. com'.

Former Red Hot Chili Pepper guitar player John Frusciante has been consistent with contributing guitar on the Mars Volta albums. How important has John been to your musical vision and guitar playing approach?

John is responsible for raising the bar as the musician that I want and in executing my music. He made me realize there are musicians like him, those who are a complete all rounded musician. John is very versed in the technical aspect, he knows all the intervals, and knows what you’re playing and why, but he is not limited to that only. He also has the emotional aspect. I’m a musician who is stuck in the emotional realm. A lot of musicians are stuck in the intellectual realm and some are stuck in the sexual realm, and then there are the musicians that are a complete body and not only of the head or a heart. John is that complete body. He understands the whole aspect of music. And so what this does for me is it liberates me, as I can come at him from whatever angle that occurs to me within my limited emotional state, where I can show him something and because of his level of intuition and professionalism, he can do it within minutes. And I’m very impatient when it comes to this sort of thing so I need this type of musician. I have to say that more important to all of this is, is our personal connection we have and our close friendship which started from a shared love of the cinema of Luis Buñuel and Werner Herzog, you know things that other people don’t usually like. So the most important thing is that he understands me as a human being.

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