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The Heart Gently Weeps Frusciante na 8 Diagrams

Wydawca: Universal Music
Data wydania: 03.12.2007

1. Campfire
2. Take It Back
3. Get Them out Ya Way Pa
4. Rushing Elephants
5. Unpredictable - Dexter Wiggle, Wu-Tang Clan
6. Heart Gently Weeps - Erykah Badu, John Frusciante, Dhani Harrison, Wu-Tang Clan
7. Wolves - George Clinton, Wu-Tang Clan
8. Gun Will Go - Sunny Valentine, Wu-Tang Clan
9. Sunlight
10. Stick Me for My Riches - Gerald Alston, Wu-Tang Clan
11. Starter - Tash Mahogany, Sunny Valentine, Wu-Tang Clan
12. Windmill
13. Weak Spot
14. Life Changes

(...)Płyty od początku słucha się bardzo dobrze, raperzy płyną na bardzo oszczędnych, ale jednocześnie niesamowicie wciągających bitach - świetnie prezentuje to drugi na płycie "Take It Back". W numerze "The heart gently weeps", który notebene jest pierwszym singlem z płyty, gościnnie pojawia się diva soulu Erykah Badu, Dhani Harrison oraz gitarzysta Red Hot Chili Peppers John Frusciante. Kawałek jest pomyślany jako cover przeboju The Beatles "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" i jest sporą niespodzianką nie tylko ze względu na gościnny udział gwiazd, ale przede wszystkim nietypową dla Wu aranżacją muzyczną. Mamy tu do czynienia z żywą perkusją oraz świetną partią gitary Frusciante'a. Całości zaskakującego efektu dopełnia śpiewany refren. (...)
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Tekst piosenki

[Intro: Ghostface Killah whispering]

Wu, Wu, Wu, Tang, Tang, Tang

[Hook: Erykah Badu]

The joy the flowers bring me

The pain still has me sinking

All while the heart gently weeps

Your smell has got me shrinking

The tears in your eyes are twinkling

Because the heart gently weeps...


Snowy night, fiends basing

A Raisin in the Sun was amazing

The joint on the dresser, a gauge went off

Jumped up, fish tank, it fell and they stuck

They shot her cousin LaVon, he owed a buck

Willie was awful, pulled out the ratchet, let off two

Grits fell on his leg, Kiana ripped the cold bowl

He violent, an Island nigga with the talent

Of six killas who just came home, from straight wilding

Robbing everything in Macy's, Lacy, short haircut

With long arms, who f**k niggas, got four babies

Yvette jabber her, slapped her wig off, ran in the crib

She did the dumb shit, my nigga then clapped her

Lester, smoked Chester sister, Vest, I heard it was a mess

They ripped the apple out her throat, blessed her

Hungry hyenas from Medina, all eight trained us

Who got reluct', think fast, and blast from Beamers

[Ghostface Killah]

I brought my bitch out to Pathmark, she's pushing the cart

Headed to aisle four, damn I got milk on my Clark's

That's what I get, not focusing, from hitting that bar

My mouth dried, need plenty water quick, I feel like a shark

In the aisle, busting them paper towels and wiping my Wally's down

I stood up to face a barrel, he's holding a shiny pound

It's him, he want revenge, I murdered his Uncle Tim

I sold him a bag of dope, his wife came and copped again

That bitch is crazy and uh, she brought her baby

She knew I hard the murders, a smack, it killed her man though

Now I got his f**king nephew gripping his gat, you'se a bitch...

You better kill me... you know you're booty...

You pulled your toolie out on me... motherf**ker!

First thought was to snatch the ratchet, said f**k it and f**king grabbed it

I ducked, he bucked twice, this nigga was f**king laughing

I wrestled him to the ground, tustle, scuffle, constantly kicked him

He wouldn't let go the joint so I f**king bit him

Shots was whizzing, hitting Clorox bottles

Customers screaming, then the faggot ran out of hollows

I had to show him what it's all about

Next thing you read in the paper A man who came to kill, gets knocked out

[Chorus: Erykah Badu]

I don't know whhhhhhhhhhhy... nobody told you

Man's not supposed to cry...

Though we're just babies... and you're so crazy...

How tears of joy, bring so much life

[Method Man]

Yo aiyo yo yo yo...

You on ya way to the store, nigga, grab me a Dutch

I'm mad as f**k, my dude, my count was short when I was bagging it up

Now I need liquor, nigga pass me a cup

What's up with Officer Brown? The other day he tried to shackle me up

He killed Kase and now he hassling us

This motherf**ker got balls, even the gaul to try and patten me up

Time to re-up, let these niggaz know we back on the block

With three hundred off a G-pack, it's cracking the spot




Lista utworów:

A01. Campfire
A02. Take It Back
A03. Get Them Out Ya Way Pa
A04. Rushing Elephants
B05. Unpredictable feat. Dexter Wiggle
B06. The Heart Gently Weeps feat. Erykah Badu, Dhani Harrison, John Frusciante
B07. Wolves feat. George Clinton
B08. Gun Will Go
C09. Sunlight
C10. Stick Me for My Riches
C11. Starter
C12. Windmill
D13. Weak Spot
D14. Life Changes
D15. Tar Pit -
D16. 16th Chamber/ O.D.B. Special

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