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sobota, 6 września 2008

Troubadour 04/09/2008

In case some of you can make it to Hollywood on 04th September, there still are tickets for Rock4Change. Isn’t there anything possibly better than seeing a wonderful live improvisation by John, Flea, Josh and Stella Mozgawa AND contributing financially to people in Africa? It’s not too late to change your minds and have a good time!

It’s also recommended to browse through Rock4Change MySpace page every now and then, they keep on adding interesting video clips with the performers talking about the event. Flea is in a couple of their PSAs, for example. And, the line-up has been extending and extending for the past couple of days. Currently, curiously enough, Rock4Change’s profile song is John’s The Past Recedes.

Also, there is a thread on this site’s BBS about the show and a meetup. Feel free to have a look. And, once again, if anyone’s willing to contribute media afterwards, that’d be cool. Thanks to those who offered help so far!


4 września występ improwizacja z Flea, Johnem, Joshem i Stellą Mozgawa - to jest koncert Rock4change, zgromadzone środki będą przeznaczone na pomoc Afryce.

Okazuje się, że ostatecznie cała impreza odbyła się w klubie Troubadour, a przed Johnem, Flea i Stellą wystąpiło Warpaint.
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