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niedziela, 6 kwietnia 2008

interview with The Mars Volta's Omar Rodriguez-Lopez

Omar & Fru - Interview with Omar

Mars Volta: Bed, Bath & Bedlam
By Tim Surette
Conducted January 25, 2008, 04:40 PM

In part two of our interview with Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, the guitarist talks about the group's new album, creative outlets, and the digital age.

Wywiad z Omarem do ciągnięcia tutaj ...

..."What's your take on stuff like album leaks, bootlegged shows and just the digital age in general?

Oh, I absolutely love the digital age. I think the digital age is an incredible movement. I'm really excited that I could be a part of it. I come from the old school from before the Internet, buying records and putting them onto a cassette, you know. We come from a completely different mindset and to see an explosion of creativity and ideas is incredible. To me, a release isn't really a release unless it's on vinyl. So for me that's the true form. But I'm not a purist. I don't look down on digital releases and all that.

As far as leaks and everything like that, I think it's great. I don't care if people "steal" our music. You can't really steal our music because I'm making our music to be heard. If you can't afford to buy our music, by all means take it. It's more important that you listen to it than it is that we make money or that some corporation somewhere makes money off of it. There has to be a balance between business and just enjoyment.

The only thing that sucks is--I work really fucking hard on these records and spend a good portion of my life losing sleep over them and [it bugs me] to know that there are inferior versions that get out there, like on Frances. When Frances was getting ready to come out, they were playing it for interviewers and press people and somebody snuck into the room and recorded it on a little cassette tape from his pocket, and this is the version that leaked. And for how hard I worked to make it sound the way it does, to think that that's what people are listening to, it absolutely kills me. And it's something I have to let go of. So that's the only thing that bums me out.

But as far as people just downloading music and "stealing" music, it's not stealing. Take what you want. The people who are going to need the record, like you and me, the people who are going to want to hold the artwork and read the lyrics and look at every little liner note and understand what this thing is about, we're always going to exist, we're always going to be here. The people who don't need that stuff, it's music to's just a number inside of their computer, they're always going to be that way.

So please, by all means, take our music and have it playing through your speakers and enjoy. We're not fascists. This isn't Nazism. We're not trying to convert everybody and say, "No. You should always enjoy music with the liner notes and with the lyrics and with the artwork because it's a part of it." You and I know that it's a part of it but that's our religion. We have our religion and they're going to practice something else over there and let them practice it. And if we can meet on one point, if we can agree on one thing, which is the music, then all the better, you know. Something positive is coming out of it. "...

John Frusciante, Flea & Omar Rodriguez GT Graphics, LA 16.10.2004

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