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sobota, 15 grudnia 2007

Saw Something - Dave Gahan 23.10.2007

1. Saw Something
2. Kingdom
3. Deeper And Deeper
4. 21 Days
5. Miracles
6. Use You
7. Insoluble
8. Endless
9. A Little Lie
10. Down

Personnel: Graham Finn (guitar, bass guitar); Niko Stoessl (guitar, background vocals); John Frusciante, Tony Hoffer (guitar); Karl Ritter (dobro); Kevin Murphy (cello); Jenni Muldaur (background vocals); Christen Eigner, Andrew Phillpott.

Released in late 2007, Dave Gahan's second solo album, HOURGLASS, sounds like a companion piece to 2005's PLAYING THE ANGEL by Depeche Mode, the British vocalist's longtime band. This is no coincidence, since ANGEL marked the first time that Gahan was allowed to write his own DM songs, with the assistance of multi-instrumentalist Andrew Philpott and drummer Christian Eigner, who collaborate with the singer again on all the tracks on HOURGLASS.

Furthering ANGEL's dark, brooding mood, these songs deftly mix synth-pop and alt-rock with industrial textures, as evinced on the cavernous "Kingdom," which wonderfully utilizes Gahan's deep, resonant voice. Also moving into minimalist/ambient territory on the shimmering, David Sylvian-like "Miracles," HOURGLASS could easily be mistaken for a restless, more experimental DM outing, a concept that Gahan's fans will undoubtedly appreciate.
Saw Something

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