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sobota, 15 grudnia 2007

Far Away

I can't disguise the things i do
And the things i say have a way of hurting you
I'm over there
these dreams are all i have left
I've nothing to spare
they're all i have

I can't pretend to be who i'm not
And there are things you need from me
I haven't got
No way but to end
Pick up the pieces of our lives
And maybe love again
there's only one way for things to be
Between you and me

6płyt w 6miesięcy (1/6)
The Will To Death

1. A Doubt
2. An Exercise
3. Time Runs Out
4. Loss
5. Unchanging
6. The Mirror
7. A Loop
8. Wishing
9. Far Away
10. The Days Have Turned
11. Helical
12. The Will To Death

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